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Break In The Clouds


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Track Listing


1: I Can’t Believe It   (Gat)

2: Through The Illusion   (Gat)

3: Call You Mine   (Gat)

4: Down By The River   (Gat)

5: They’re Not Sad   (Gat)

6: If Not For You   (B. Dylan)

7: Forty Years On   (B. Allman)

8: Sick & Tired of You   (Gat)

9: What A Friend Is For   (Gat)

10: Isn’t It A Pity   (G. Harrison)

11: I Want You To Know   (Gat)

12: Come Back To Me   (Gat)

13: After The Goldrush   (N. Young)

14: May The Road Rise   (R. & C. McGuinn)

15: Have You Seen Her Face? Demo (C. Hillman)

16: You’re Everywhere   (Gat)

17: Equal Minds   (Schmidt/Gat)

18: When I Was A Child   (Gat)

19: See The Love   (Gat)

20: All Things Must Pass   (G. Harrison)



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