Graham (Gat) started playing musical instruments as a 13 year old, beginning with tenor saxophone, then guitar, piano and an assortment of other instruments, including drums and not least, the didgeridoo. Ok, so the didgeridoo was not mastered by any means - blowing out and breathing in at the same time is still a mystery, but Graham did manage to get some sound out of it. You can hear it on 'If Not For You', a remastered track on Break In The Clouds.


Over the years he mainly practised on the guitar and reached a relatively proficient level in that he could write songs and play them. The the 90's happened and software became available where many audio tracks could be recorded and songs could be made with all the instruments being played and vocals and harmonies sung by one person. Having also been practising the piano over the previous few years, there was no stopping Graham and many, many songs were written and recorded, most not so good but some that were ok. Over time the songs (and the recordings) improved and albums followed, and friendships with other musicians were forged, some well known and some not so well known. Graham then co-founded Starbyrd with Horst-Peter Schmidt and Ritchie Dunlop and their first album, 'On The Other Side of Mad', utilising their Byrds influences, was very popular. Graham enjoyed working on the album with Starbyrd but after its release, decided to go back to being a 'one man band' again.


Graham's music style has been described by reviewers as sounding like a cross between George Harrison and Roger McGuinn - folk rock meets The Beatles. A multi-instrumentalist, he has been able to create songs influenced by The Beatles, Byrds, REM and many UK and West Coast bands, but at the same time has managed to retain his own unique style.

In January 2006, having left Starbyrd, Graham released a collection of songs from past and present releases called 'Then To Now'. In September 2009, he then released his much anticipated solo album called 'Eclecticity'.

In 2015, the album 'Six' was released. Comprising eleven tracks, the album showed the variety of styles from the 50's to the present day that Graham loves.


In 2020 the album 'Break In The Clouds' has been released. This album comprises 20 tracks of songs covering Gat's entire musical career. Having taken over three years to remaster various tracks and in some instances, re-record them, this album contains the songs that have been the most popular over the last 25 years..

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