Gat's music style has been described by reviewers as sounding like a cross between George Harrison and Roger McGuinn - folk rock meets The Beatles. A multi-instrumentalist, Gat has been able to create songs influenced by The Beatles, Byrds, REM and many UK and West Coast bands, but at the same time has managed to retain his own unique style.

In January 2006, having left Starbyrd, the successful band he co-founded with Horst-Peter Schmidt, Gat released a CD of a collection of songs from past and present releases called 'Then To Now'. In September 2009, he then released his much anticipated 4th solo CD called 'Eclecticity' followed by 'Best Tracks', an album of Gat's best selling songs

Now, in 2015, Gat has completed his new album 'Six', released in September. Comprising eleven tracks, all composed by Gat, the new album shows the variety of styles from the 50's to the present day that Gat loves.

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